Show Dates

Catch some of the cast of Spout Lore in these shows, this summer, Western Canada.

Field Zoology 101

Winner of Best Comedy at Victoria Fringe 2016.

[Location Warning: Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, Vancouver]

In this introductory course Field Zoologist Brad Gooseberry shares a lifetime of "knowledge" and "experience," teaching you to thrive and survive in the harrowing and hilarious world of field zoology.


Venue: Revue Stage
September 6 - September 16


Fake Ghost Tours 2: Tour Fast Tour Furious

Winner of Best Duo at the 2017 Victoria Fringe.

[Location Warning: Victoria, Vancouver]

Ghost hunting brothers Abdul Aziz and Shawn O'Hara return with a walking tour so accurate and frightening that you'll wonder how you'd never heard these unquestionably true stories before. From the history of Victoria's first ghost business owner to the city's most haunted payphone, no rock will be left un-toured.


September 6ish - September 16